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coming up, dc united a little too friendly. plus the nats and o's continue their l.a. story. plus the latest in the nfl. talk about a roller coaster week. thursday was a day of progress, friday a setback and today more progress has been made. nfl owners and players agreed that the 11 members of the executive committee will vote monday here in dc to recommend accepting the collective bargaining agreement and recertifying as a union. after the players committee vote, the reps also must recommend recertifying to the players themselves. if all goes well monday, players would begin reporting to training camp as early as wednesday to report on whether to recertify with the hope that would get done by friday. upon recertification of the union free agency could begin on friday. >> one thing i would tell anyone, it's not a big deal if
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we miss two or three days of training camp. it's not a big deal if it pushes into a week. it is important that we get this right. >> the wording in this bill is very important as is the process by which we get for signing this deal. our stance is that we are going to fight this thing until we get the right deal. we are close to getting the right deal. it's important we get back to playing football. if i canning some of the problems and not miss anymore games and get the fans what they want. they want to see football. >> thank you chris. it's time for a quick break already. jason worth starting to prove his worth. highlights from the west coast coming up. 
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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports extra. >> welcome back. the nationals and orioles are playing teams from los angeles this week. but only one team was smart or should i say lucky in their scheduling. home at baltimore, the orioles suffered through 100 plus degree temperatures. out west, a full 72 for the nationals. jamie johnson's nats playing in their 100th game looking to get back to .500 against the dodgers. first inning, michael moore
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sends one to deep right. back, back, it won't leave the park. instead it's off the wall. danny scores. the nats take a 1-0 lead. the very next batter, jason worth is starting to get his bat back. ryan zimmerman, you can come down, too. the nats go up 3-0. right now they lead 6-2 in the 3rd. brad ferguson and the orioles looking to bounce back after last night's loss to the orioles. ferguson gets into a little trouble. trouble's name, vernon wells, his second home run in as many nights. the angels lead 2-0. back come the birds. same score, bottom four. this is adam jones. he rips one to left. it's close to the foul pole, but stays fair. his 17th homer of the season and a good souvenir for that fan. the o's within a run to the 5th. runners on the corners and nick markakis slaps one to the infield. ties it at 2. one batter later, the o's score on a sack fly.
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they beat the angels 3-2. >> dc united welcomed everton tonight. and one of everton's main attractions, goalie tim howard and he didn't play. howard is the u.s. national team's keeper and because of his commitment to the team, he got time off. the scoring would start early, just not for dc. everton plays the ball ahead to victor and he chips it past bill and everton would take a 1- 0 lead. they led 2-0 at the half. 37th minute, united looking for offense and they get it from chris. a perfectly timed run. he buries the kick to get united on the board, but that goal not quite enough. united falls in the friendly 3- 1 is the final. crystal representing the mystics for the east squad in today's wnba all-star game. atlantis, angel throws it off the back board to herself. fyi, she doesn't get an assist
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for that. that's good stuff. how about langhorn contributing on the inside. prince with the miss. there's langhorn to clean it up and just over a minute later, she flashes inside the post. langhorn finished with five points and six rebounds and her first all-star game. it was a close game down the stretch. one minute to play. the east has the ball down. katie douglas draining the three. the east bench erupt. they are winners beating west 118-113. >> off the wall is coming up next. do you like to tell rumors? >> not rumors. i investigate the truth. get to the truth. like when it comes to mates and updating celebrities. >> you got serious. off the wall is next. >> technical foul on you. [ female announcer ] they've been off limits to dieters
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welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sport extra. >> welcome. let me ask you, my friends. tiger woods, we all gave him a will the of grief for things he did off the course that derailed his professional
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career. we are now hearing stories. we hate to start rumors in off the roy. rory mcllroy broken up with his girlfriend that a month ago when he won here at congressional, the u.s. open, says kept him grounded. he already has gotten rid of her. he has seen publicly a month later -- he is with caroline, the number one tennis player in the world. we saw him at wimbledon hanging out. is fame already changing who we believe is the next number one golfer in the world? >> do you have to ask that question? i can't believe you have to ask this. did fame change duane wade? >> i guess. >> gabrielle union? okay. >> it hasn't changed you. you are still the same guy. >> i'm still the same guy. >> is it going to affect rory on the course? >> of course it is. it is going to go to his head. he is trying to upgrade in women. he thinks he's a celebrity. his game is going to suffer, end of story. >> the kid is 22 years old.
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he got his first championship. he is having a fun life. his first shot at super stardom. he will be fine. >> do you remember when you were 22? >> do you have any money at 22? >> no. >> i don't have it at 41. >> imagine what you did at 22 and you got a lot of money. >> good point, case closed. >> i hope you have a great six months together. >> speaking of changing, how about jlo changing up again. her third husband hits the bricks. mark anthony done. >> uh-huh. >> so, jlo, would you date jlo? >> yes, i would date jlo. >> let me dine with the superstar. i like sitting next to you, i would rather sit next to jlo. >> i'm shocked and appalled this you would say something like that. >> you know, as a friend, but
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jlo is jlo. mark anthony, i'm sorry things didn't work out, i am available. >> clearly there's a problem with her, no. if i were you, i would stay clear. >> oh stop. you would not. >> stay clear. >> if she sang to you -- >> does he have talent? >> like i was saying. >> jlo, martin is your number one fan. >> this doesn't include puff daddy and whatever his name is. >> yeah. i don't know who that was. so i say steer clear. no more rumor talk next week, i promise. no more rumors. stop spreading those rumors around. see you next week. thank you guys as always. by the way, if you are keeping up with the nats out west, they are leading the dodgers 6-3 in the third inning. thank you for letting us be a part of your weekend. thank you for a great show.
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i'll be back starting at 6:00. dave in to do the night show. good night, everybody. thank you for watching sports extra brought to you by your washington area nissan dealer. [ child's voice ] ooh, that looks good. [ child's voice ] can i have some? [ child's voice ] you guys should rock, paper, scissors for it. ok. [ chuckles ] best of three? sure. one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot. [ scoffs ] one-two-three-shoot. one-two-three-shoot.

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